Our Beginning


What began as a hobby for Bill Vogel, President and CEO of Vision Produce Company in Los Angeles, has now blossomed into one of the largest Organic Lime Ranches in California. Growing up in North Dakota and coming from a long line of family farmers dating back to 1896, the idea of starting to grow produce related to our business was enticing. “This is the case for many in the produce business”, says Bill. “It’s in our roots”. After visiting a wide variety of growers of sub-tropicals in numerous countries, Bill developed his plan. Starting with an Avocado Ranch near Temecula California, Lychee and Longan were the first new products to be planted, followed subsequently by Dessert Guava in 2007. Fast forward to present and this one time “hobby” has transformed into a serious agricultural pursuit. With some 40 acres of Organic Limes planted, 15 acres of Organic Avocados and plantings of Tangerine, Grapefruit, Meyer Lemon, Starfruit, Tejocote, Finger Lime, Mango and Buddha Hand Citron, Bill has created a second career for himself.

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Since our first Organic Lime harvest in 2014, plantings totaling over 10,000 trees will be completed in the Spring of 2019. The primary harvest season is July through January but our trees produce year-round, with some variations thrown at us from Mother Nature. We have our sights set on producing over a Million pounds of super fresh flavorful seedless limes. Our positive customer feedback tells us we have a unique product and are on the right track!