Certified Organic

At Rancho Encantado, we believe that Organic Agriculture is an essential way to nurture the health of our environment, customers and contribute to sustainability. Organic farming is more than just our mission, we believe in the positive benefits it brings to our world.

Our trees and soil are always treated as close to the way Mother Nature intended them to be. For insect control, we use beneficial predatory insects. Weeds are mowed and removed by hand; not sprayed. Our fertilizers and crop inputs are always either natural organic materials, such the mulch we produce here on the farm from our own Organic trees, or are OMRI listed, organic approved materials. Soil erosion and respect for our natural neighbors are part of our mission. Finally, all of our trees are sourced from Non-GMO nurseries. We have made a lifetime commitment to our land stewardship for the benefit of our future generations.

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In 2008, Rancho Encantado started the practice of Organic Farming. By 2010 we received our first Organic Certification and have maintained our Certified Organic status since. Please click the links below to view our most up to date Organic Certifications.